Seeking An Out of this World Love?

You are Loved!

That is not a mistake!  Despite our failed past experiences or our current bad relationship, we are nevertheless loved beyond measure.  Where is this love and how can I find it?  Deep inside, we all seek to find an “out of this world” love, but it seems all we experience in this world is rejection, frustration, disappointment and suffering!  Often times our eagerness to love and to be loved leads us to making bad decisions and we are left unfulfilled, cheated and disappointed.  How can we desire “Love” if the object of our desire doesn’t seem to exist? in Dream of Saturn by QAuZ at

The world will hate those that are not of the world!  Deep down you may feel lonely, outcast, rejected, unwanted and abused physically, mentally and emotionally!  You may feel you don’t fit in, are not listened to and quickly forgotten about!  You may feel empty, drained, unwanted and angry but this is not you!  You may feel a void in your life, that something is missing.  You feel as though you are made for someone or something greater!  You are created for Continue To Read More

Deliver Me Jesus: A Commentary on the Litany of Humility for Lent

As Lent continues to move along, the words that kicked off the season for penitent Catholics everywhere are still ringing in my ears – “You are but dust, and to dust you shall return.”

When cruciform ashes were placed atop our foreheads we were informed about what we really are. God took the dust of the earth and formed man with His hands. Grace built upon nature. But, for all the complex configurations that make up our bodies, we are dust. And, for all the high titles and puffed up reputations we like to manage for ourselves, we, again, are but dust. If you take together all of the specks of dust that we collectively are we would not even come close to the number of the grains of sand on the beaches of the earth. Continue To Read More